Nachdenken für den Standort Deutschland

Welcome to KE Research!

KE Research is a German research and consulting firm. Our mission: to think about new and highly innovative ways to improve the quality and attractiveness of Germany as a business location.
So far we have been able to develop substantial new concepts in the following topic areas:
  • Vision of a high-speed railway network in Germany, based on the TRANSRAPID magnetic levitation technology
  • Concept of a new and much more effective higher education system
  • Clean-up of the climate and energy debates which we find highly irrational.
A number of additional themes are under investigation.

Given the nature of our mission we usually write our research reports in German. The first exception was our critical analysis of the physical foundation of the CO2 greenhouse dogma, of which we have prepared an international version.

Fundamental Report - Download (PDF)
Rescue from the Climate Saviors –
Is the “Global Climate” really in Danger?

Short Study - Download (PDF)
The "Greenhouse Effect" –
Wicked Danger - or Merely a HOAX?
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